Interview with Gwilym Simcock and Mike Walker

by Gwilym Simcock, Mike Walker, LondonJazz

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<b>Gwilym Simcock</b> and <b>Mike Walker</b> spoke to us about their upcoming (untitled at the time of recording) album which will be released in the Autumn of this year.<br/><br/>

We talked about who they have been playing with since their first (self-titled) album (like <b>Steve Swallow</b>), their touring schedule, and the the stories behind the two extras played here: <i>Heute Loiter</i> and <i>Crank of Cam Bay</i>.<br/><br/>

<b><u>Musical Excerpts</b></u><br/><br/>

<i>Heute Loiter</i> - at 05:59<br/>
<i>Crank of Cam Bay</i> - at 11:24


released 03 June 2013



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